We have added some cool extra scheduled email functionality to our software. You can now set up three different types of scheduled emails:

  1. Pre-Arrival
    These emails will be sent out three days before your guest arrives. You can use them as both a simple booking reminder and also to inform guests of any additional services or events they may want to take a look at (and maybe pre-book) before they arrive.
  2. After Departure
    Sent out three days after your guest’s departure date, these provide you with an opportunity to thank guests for their stay, to ask them to share you with their friends and maybe to ask about their great experiences and for a picture or two to go with it that you can share on your social media pages.
  3. Booking Anniversary
    People are often creatures of habit and will tend to book their holidays around the same time each year. Booking Anniversary emails provide you with an opportunity to reach out in a gentle way to guests three weeks before the first anniversary of the date they made their booking.

You also have the option to automatically add social media links to the bottom of these emails. This makes it easy for happy guests to share you with their friends.

With After Departure and Booking Anniversary emails, it can work really well to include a special deal voucher code that guests can use themselves next time and/or share with their friends. One idea is to offer say 5% off consumables during their next stay. This not only makes them feel good that they are getting special treatment but can increase the amount of time they spend drinking/eating in your establishment.

If you don’t already, then we would really encourage you to start using at very least the After Departure emails with social links. It’s a great way to increase your online audience and potential direct bookings at absolutely no cost.

You can manage scheduled emails under Sales >> Scheduled Email and social media links under Settings >> Appearance >> Social Media.

Guests have the option to unsubscribe from these emails at all times. Once unsubscribed they will never receive another of these emails no matter how many more bookings they make with you.

If you need any help configuring any of the things mentioned here please create a support ticket at https://helpdesk.strategicbookings.com.