This is a quick 20 second guide to adding a Book Now button to Facebook.

1. Login To Facebook

First of all you will need to login to your Facebook account that you use to administer your hotel’s Facebook page.

2. Change The ‘Action Button’

Now hover over the ‘Action’ button that will appear just under the cover picture which will cause a menu to appear.

As a result a drop menu will appear. Click on the ‘Edit Button’ option in the menu.

This will result in a pop up window appearing that will list the button options available.

Click on the ‘Book Now’ option that will cause a sub-menu to open underneath.

Finally, click on the ‘Book Now’ option which will pop up a new form that is where you can enter the link to your booking pages.

3. Specify Your Booking Pages URL

As you can see in this example the link is set to:


To specify the link for your hotel, just replace the <resort_id> with the Resort ID you use when logging into your Strategic Bookings Control Panel.

So for example, for our demonstration resort the link would be:

You could also use your website URL if you prefer.

Use The Link Anywhere

You can also use this friendly short link in emails, on any printed literature or anywhere else you might want to post a link such as Facebook or Twitter posts.